Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Font Atlantius Hand Drawn Letters

I created a new, hand drawn font that resembles Sumerian cuneiform and
Egyptian hieroglyphics but in a recognizable modern, Western alphabet.

For those of you who don't know, cuneiform is one of the earliest forms of writing
and was made by using a reed stylus to make marks in wet clay.
The letter forms are angular and taper from wider on the start stroke
to a very narrow taper on the end stroke.

To streamline my filing of my font creations
(and to make them visible to as many people as possible)
I am hosting the font download over at my friends

So click the link below and download today!
As always, this font is free, but I do accept donations from downloaders.
Please read our Terms of Use section and enjoy!

Font Link: atlantius via
Format: TrueType Font (.ttf)
File Size: 12KB

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